Fridays with Manny



About a year ago, my wife and I had to fix our refrigerator. Suddenly the plastic on the door got loose and in spite of my engineering degree, I couldn’t figure out what caused it. My solution was to call Michael, the handyman. He did not care for my suggestions and quickly found the problem. The solution required a special screw and specific screwdriver, both of which I had.

Years ago, I fixed everything at home myself and even earned income working for a contractor when we first arrived in San Francisco, forty-three years ago. I had tools but lacked experience and knowledge how to use them. Which brings me to the mortgage business. I had conversation recently with a friend, who after working in our company, joined Wells Fargo twenty-five years ago. He was planning to retire from the bank and perhaps rejoin our company. He told me that over all these years, he was practically selling one product – jumbo fixed rate loans.

After so many years in the lending business, I will have to train him again how to use so many tools available to us, mortgage brokers. This can be said about many professions and occupations: if you do not move forward, you stay behind. These three images above show hard working people at work.

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