Fridays with Manny



An obvious answer to the question – it is not in Europe, since they have one, which is normal size. Given the English name, it is probably in the United States. To get there, we first flew to Charlotte, North Carolina. From there we drove to Ashville, where we came to for a weeklong vacation. And the next day, for almost two hours we drove along Blue Ridge Parkway, stopping from time to time to take pictures of the sprawling vistas, until arriving to the place called Little Switzerland.

It is really little; has a hotel and a few places to get a meal. We had tea with delicious pastries inside the Café-Bookstore. It has an incredible collection of new and used books, some of them 1st edition. You can ask, who in his right mind would travel from San Francisco just to have a cup of tea in this remote place? For me, the answer is very simple.

Ashville, which is a lovely town with a lot of artistic traditions, is part of our great country, and my wife Elfa and I are using every opportunity to visit different places to get to know them better. The actual destination was chosen because we have very good friends, whom we met over thirty years ago in the Bay Area, and who currently live in that area. In the coming weeks, I will share more of our wonderful experience. Meanwhile, enjoy these three images.

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