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What Is Your Favorite Color?

As a photographer, I’m always looking for the ways to improve my craft. This is why I bought the book, “The Color Bible. The Definitive Guide for Artists and Designers” written by Laura Perryman.  

In the book, there is a quote from Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe: “Colors and Light… stand in most intimate relation to each other”.

Color theory, or our understanding about color, began with Aristotle. Through the years, many researchers developed the color wheel, which is divided into 12 colors that correlate with each other. And each of us has an individual relationship and reaction to a specific color. I was not surprised about the description of my color in the book – “calm, divine, meditative. Deeply connected with the natural world, blue is easy on the eye and mind… darker shades are perceived as reliable and trustworthy.”

“My blue” tone is the same as the color of the blue birds you can see here. Do you know your color? You can learn about it in the book or online. 

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Fridays with Manny


Unite All, Save The Earth

During the Bay to Breakers, which I wrote about last week, I encountered a man who was carrying a large structure on his shoulders, with very special messages. When I asked him about why he was carrying such a heavy load, he told me that he is on crusade to save the Earth.

When I checked the websites and, on the latter one, I read that “Our vision is to protect the Planet from catastrophic CLIMATE CHANGE!” If you care about our environment, I encourage you to read some of the information on both sites and view the short clip from Stanford University’s Department of Environmental Science. You do not have to become a vegan; however, cutting down on eating meat might help your health, according to the Mayo Clinic. I stopped eating meat forty-six years ago.

Fridays with Manny


To Run, Or Not To Run?

For me, the question was answered several years ago. After the wear and tear in both of my knees, my running days are over. Nevertheless, in 2017, I participated in the Bay to Breakers race, for the first time. My intention was just to photograph the participants. In spite of the pain in my knee, I decided to follow the crowd for a few blocks. Four hours later, I somehow ended up at the end of a roughly 7.5-mile track, together with many other walkers. It was an amazing experience and I captured hundreds of images. 

This year, on Sunday, May 15th, the footrace event returned to San Francisco for the 108th time, after a break due to the Covid 19 pandemic. 14,000 runners and thousands of walkers; many of whom were dressed up, and some who left their clothes at home. 

In the article about the event, which appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle on May 16th, I found out that during the last two years, the event was held virtually. Since I could not take virtual photos, I had to wait. These three images are from the 2019 Bay to Breakers.

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Fridays With Manny


Rules for the Dance

The title of this week’s essay is misleading, since it is also the title of the book written by well-known writer-poet, Mary Oliver. The subtitle is “A Handbook for Writing and Reading Metrical Verse”. As someone who writes poems, I read writings of other poets as well. This time, the title prompted me to share with you one of the poems from my new photo-poetry book, “42 Encounters with Love” (order it here).

Keep Dancing

Since my teenage years,

I have always loved to dance.

I still remember my first steps.

She was twelve; I was thirteen.

We danced cheek to cheek.

I asked her for the next dance, too,

but she had chosen another boy.

Years passed, and then, when I was nineteen,

I met a new dance partner with whom I fell in love.

And now fifty-five years later,

Elfa and I are still dancing cheek to cheek.

Dancing can be manifested in various ways. Even while encountering flowers from a fried egg bush (matilija poppy) that looked like it was dancing.

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Fridays with Manny


Live In The Moment

During our stay in Desert Hot Springsthat I wrote about last week, I met Mark. He makes a living by collecting metal scraps, taking them apart and reselling the components. He got lost and asked for directions, or perhaps “smelled” the opportunity, since there was plenty of junk in the back yard – an old refrigerator, a broken door, a bench press that hasn’t been used for the last twenty years. I was amazed to see how Mark was able to lift a heavy metal structure and load it on to his already filled truck by himself. While working, he would stop from time to time to tell some of his life stories. In one of them, he got stuck in the desert when his truck ran of gas. He managed to call 911 to inform about his situation, when his phone lost power. In these cases, he said, when there is no GPS connection, police send a rescue search. However, it was evening and getting dark, so Mark slept in the truck.

In the morning, he saw the police car. After finding Mark, the police officer complained that since it was Sunday morning, he would rather be at church with his family in. Mark, who in the past served as a Pastor at various churches in Texas and Arkansas, offered to conduct a Sunday service for two of them in the middle of the desert. An hour later, when the service was over, Mark kicked the ground with his boot to discover a brass plaque with the engraving: “Live in the Moment”. He gave it to the police officer, while both men had tears running down their cheeks. Mark finished his story by saying, “I am the richest man in the world, since I have myself and my God.”

To live in the moment allows us to change ourselves and our surroundings, like transforming the desert into an oasis.

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