Fridays with Manny



On Sunday afternoon, our labradoodle Max took us for a walk in Golden Gate Park. While driving to Stow Lake, we passed beautiful blooming trees not far from the Japanese Tea Garden. I noticed a number of people taking photographs. The next day, after I took Max to his dog sitter, I passed by the trees again, and decided to come back and have my turn in taking pictures. It was 9:30 in the morning, and I was surprised that there was no place to park my car.

Mind you, it was by the entrance to the Botanical Garden. 24 million visitors visit Golden Gate Park annually. But how many of them know that on April 4th, the Park celebrated its 153rd birthday? It was created by very special, hardworking people in the distant past for the people, who come to the Park today. Instead of showing you images of the beautiful flowers, which you can take yourself, I am sharing photos of people who enjoy the beauty.

When I saw a garden wheelbarrow, I realized that there is a gardener nearby. His name is George and the only reason you cannot see him is because he is working on the ground behind the bushes, and thanks to people like him, we can enjoy the beauty of our Park!

Enjoy and Share!