Fridays with Manny



The latest rainstorms created a lot of problems for many people. Meanwhile, the rain took care of the draught. We can blame global warming, but the lack of water is a major problem in the world. At the same time, a small country, which often has negative press, seemed to have solved the problem. Israel has built desalination plants along the Mediterranean Sea shore, as a result, it has more than enough water, which is shared with its neighbor Jordan.

I learned about this in the March 20, 2023 issue of “Jerusalem Report” magazine, which was devoted to Israel’s water supply. There, I also found out that the developments utilizing ocean waves to generate electrical energy is much cheaper than other competitors. An Israeli station, which was built in Gibraltar, cost $400,000, versus $150 million from other countries to accomplish the same results. I also learned that since our world came to its existence, the fresh water counts for only 3.5 percent, and 68 percent of it is trapped within ice and glaciers.

No one knows for sure, however perhaps melting glaciers is nature’s response to the planet’s growing population? I am fascinated by water which has so many incredible manifestations and is beautiful to photograph, as you can see from these three images of the rain. One of my forthcoming books is “42 Encounters with Water”, though you will have to wait for some time before it is published.

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