Fridays with Manny



I decided to write this essay about time after I came across a fascinating description of the research made by scientists who tried to find ways to measure time. While listening to the course named “Examining the Big Questions of Time”, created and read by Laura Helmuth, editor-in-chief of Scientific American, I realized how little I knew or understood about many things and especially about time. In her accompanying remarks, Laura Helmuth noted: “Time defines us; it frames our experiences. We can’t live or understand our lives without it… Yet the more we investigate it, the more elusive it becomes…”

We use the word “time” as in many variations, which gives it different meanings, like:
– how much time do you have?
– running out of time
– time is money;
– not enough time;
– bad time;
– good time;
– right time;
– time flies;
-time heals…

Browsing the internet, I found several interesting sites talking about what time is and how it works. To show the change of time, I decided to use my favorite subject – flowers, since with them we can see time change in a relatively short period of time.

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