Fridays with Manny



After we moved to our new office last week, I decided to use our regular office meeting this week, which has been on Zoom for the last three years, as an excuse to bring everyone together to the office for a reunion. When I told my wife about this, her response was that we have at least two reasons why we cannot have this meeting. The first one is that Thursday (the day of our meetings), is the Jewish holiday of Passover. And the second reason is that on Friday is the Christian holiday, Good Friday, which relates to Passover, during which Jesus and his disciples had the Last Supper – the Passover celebration.

This gave me the thought to check the meaning of the term Judeo-Christian Tradition. Though Yeshua or Joshua in English, who became christened as Jesus was born Jewish; his message, which was based on the Torah, was adopted by over 2.2 billion Christians. And the message was very simple, “Love Your Neighbor as Thyself”(Leviticus 19:18); (Mark 12:31).

I recently read an article about Isaac Newton. He was Christian, a professor at Holy Trinity College in Cambridge University, and did not believe in the concept of Holy Trinity. He learned the Hebrew language to enable him to read original Hebrew Scriptures. After that, he came to the realization that the world follows harmony established by God, as it was manifested in the Torah. This is probably the best way to describe the Judeo-Christian tradition.

As for our office meeting, my wife was right again. We postponed it until next week. Meanwhile, as to any celebration, enjoy these three bouquets of flowers and share with a friend!