Fridays with Manny



After renting a large office full of people for many years, the time came for a change. When the Corona-19 virus started, all our employees began working remotely from home. I continued coming to the office. After a while, some of my colleagues joined me as well. Interest rates stayed low, and we were very busy. And then, almost overnight, rates went up, and the refinancing business came to a standstill. We still had a year left on our lease and ten salaries to pay. We had a few choices. Being seventy-six, we easily could retire and close the company, or we could work from home and let our “extra” employees go. Instead, I decided to keep going and focus on helping real estate agents find more qualifying buyers.

To do that, I started the Money Solutions Academy. Originally it was intended as short interviews with different professionals posted on YouTube, and then we added live seminars in our office. After almost forty years in the mortgage business, I am a firm believer that as long as I move forward, “the forward” will come to me. The interest rate will eventually come down; meanwhile, we can help many real estate agents to make a good living and help clients buy homes, while prices declined. As a result, we decided to keep going.

There is a Hebrew saying, “Changing places – Changing luck”. We found a smaller office in the building next door, where we will have enough room for our employees help their clients and the space to keep doing seminars. And also, enough walls to have my photo gallery. You are invited.

Our new address is:
333 Gellert Blvd., Ste. #114, Daly City, CA 94015

Please enjoy these three images from my photo collection. You can also see more of my images at: and Enjoy and Share with a Friend!