Fridays with Manny



In the dictionary, the word weed is defined as “a plant that is not valued where it is growing and is usually a vigorous growth.” I decided to explore the subject of weeds after noticing a huge bush, like a weed, growing in my neighbors’ front yard. Before the house was sold, there was a green lawn, which was removed during construction.

In the book “Wild about Weeds. Garden Design with Rebel Plants”, I found a lot of interesting information. Weeds follow the principle outlined by Aristotle, “nature abhors a vacuum”. Basically, the only way to get rid of weeds is to eliminate the roots, which can be challenging if not impossible. For me, weeds are an invasive species and I try to get rid of them in our yard, which can be quite challenging, but I do not mind it, since it is very good exercise.

Weeds, which often have beautiful flowers, can be contained and controlled. Online I learned about 41 flowering weeds. Writing this essay brought to mind a story. “A priest was walking by a house and saw the gardener removing weeds. ‘The Good Lord gave you a beautiful garden’, he said to the gardener. ‘Well, you should have seen it before, when the Good Lord had it to himself’, the gardener answered. The three beautiful flowers I am sharing with you are flowering weeds.

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