Today is the Day


Today is the Day

In the Sunday, November 27th Review section of The Wall Street Journal, I found an article titled “The Need to Read” by Will Schwalbe. The article begins with, “We all ask each other a lot of questions. But we should all ask one question a lot more often: “What are you reading?”

Personally, I read books on many different subjects. Some of them are about photography. I own quite a few books of the great photographers and keep buying new ones. Though I do not dare to compare my images to those of the great masters, I had to ask myself a question, who would be interested in viewing photographs of my encounters and especially to read my stories. Therefore, I asked a few of my first readers to express their feelings.

“Thank you for the wonderful book “42 Encounters in San Francisco.” I thoroughly enjoyed perusing the pictures and reading the stories that go along with them. It’s wonderful to see the city I know and love so well through your camera lenses in all its colorful glory. From the iconic style of city dwellers to the ubiquitous pigeons that reside here alongside us, you’ve captured the vibe of San Francisco and its denizens wonderfully! I am excited to see what the next 42 Encounters holds. Great work!”

Jason Randle

I always learn new things from you. You are quite the story teller. Tying in your stories with your perspective thru photos is quite interesting. I enjoy your Friday publication of Encounters and know the book will be just as good as those or better.”

Fay Hoffman

“Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I enjoyed your book…the amount of thought and detail that went into each of your 42 tales was quite impressive…you have a keen eye not just for photography but also for human spirit…well done”

George Borges

Today I have a special request. You have many books to choose from. If you choose to buy “42 Encounters in San Francisco”, I guarantee you won’t regret it, and will keep enjoying and sharing it with friends. Today is the day: If you wish to help the book become a best seller on, please buy it today. Enjoy and Share on social media.

P.S. I hope that my four images will tell their own stories. But sometimes written words can add a special flair.


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