The Master Word


The Master Word

This story was inspired by the book titled “This is Earl Nightingale”. The book has been sitting on my bookshelf, and we have stared at each other, until I finally picked it up again. Since it was last published in 1983, it was awhile since I held it in my hands. I was first introduced to this remarkable author a few years earlier, when I listened to his recordings called Insight on audio tapes (remember those?), which served for me as motivation in my early years in San Francisco. His other book, “The Strangest Secret” used to be called, “One of the great motivational books of all time”.

The book “This is Earl Nightingale” contains motivational stories on various topics. I opened on the subject “Work” with the title “The Master Word” written by the great physician Sir William Osler; it is about a word that will work wonders for anyone regardless of their age or calling. For man, woman or child the master word brings meaning and usefulness to life, new clarity, self-respect and satisfaction”…“Do you know what the Master Word is? It is work! It makes you wonder, too, how a person can take his most precious possessions for granted. How can he allow his loved ones, his home, his health, his abilities and his work to lose their charm and become dull and dreary? What happens to the excitement of the first days, when his wife, his home and children, his work, were new in his life?”

The real question is – what to do – especially now, when the pandemic affects so many people’s line of work. Are you looking forward to returning to work, to earn money, to take care of your family, not to be dependent on the government support? I suspect you do. I will finish with a quote from a story: “Even in the meanest sorts of labor, the whole soul of a man (or a woman) composed into a kind of real harmony the instant he (or she) set himself to work.”

P.S. I decided to share four encounters with you of the people who do their work without us necessarily noticing them.

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