In Dog We Trust!



In Dog We Trust

“Man is happy to have friends–so are dogs.”

I heard a story on the local public radio station KQED, that a company in Florida apparently ordered a special carpet. When it arrived, the workers unrolled it and immediately rolled it back. Instead of “In God We Trust”, the embroidery said “In Dog We Trust”.

We recently watched a documentary on public television called, “Dogs Decoded”. It was about how dogs evolved from wolves with surprising implications for the evolution of human culture.


Many people like dogs (or cats), though not everyone is willing to have them. In the past 35 years living in San Francisco, we’ve had two dogs. The first one Amber—an Irish Setter, was a lady with a temper. She would run away jumping over the neighbor’s fence and I had to chase her all over the neighborhood. After she was hit and killed by a car in front of our house, we decided that our next dog would have short legs.


Angus, a Welsh Corgi, was a perfect choice. He was from a champion lineage and our adopting him was under the condition that we show him at dog competitions. But as he grew, he became a giant Corgi (perhaps we fed him too generously). So, his showmanship career was over. We had Angus for 13 years. He loved to go with us to The Sea Ranch and did not want to go back to San Francisco. When we would start packing, he would stick his face into the corner, hiding it from us, as he tried to make himself “invisible”, since he did not want to go back. He was a good walking companion until the last year of his life, when he preferred to just lay down. One day, he let me know that it was enough for him. With tears in my eyes, I drove him to the vet where we said good-bye.


Since then, we have discussed which dog we are going to have for our next best friend. Since both of us work and travel, we feel it is not fair to keep a dog alone at home. And since retirement is not so close, we decided to postpone sharing our love with a best friend for some time in the future.


I am creating a number of photo books. The first one will be ready by Spring, and is called “88 Encounters in San Francisco in Color”. The next one, “Encounters with Dog Lovers” will contain images in this story and many more.



We attended a friend’s 50th birthday party. Since his dog could not be present, his wife made him a special surprise—a dog shaped marzipan cake. In this case, you could have a dog and eat it too. Happy Birthday Jeff!

Happy Chinese New Year!


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