How To Save $150 Billion A Year


How To Save $150 Billion A Year

“Losing weight is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.”


We recently returned from a short vacation to Oregon. On our trip, I gave myself permission to have ice cream everyday! I was always thin until a few years ago when I noticed that my pants were getting tighter. There could be only two reasons for that—either my pants shrank (which would be a miracle since apparently all of them did it at the same time), or I got richer.


According to an article that appeared in the S.F. Chronicle titled, “Nearly a third of world’s population now overweight”, the study showed that “there was a strong link between income and obesity; as people get richer; their waistlines also tend to start bulging”. In another article, the SF Chronicle reported that “Obesity costs U.S. health system $150 billion a year”.  To paraphrase Mark Twain (he was writing about smoking): “to lose weight is easy, I’ve done it thousands of times”.


The basic rule to losing weight or changing any habit is to visual ourselves the way we wish to be. And this is tough. Why should we change something that gives us pleasure, like eating cake, drinking sugary drinks, or any other activity that supposedly are not good for us?

For my pants, I found a very simple solution—a tailor. It costs me less than any meal in a restaurant ($10) to make them an inch wider. Some people choose different programs which help control their waistlines. One of them is called iWellness Plan.  If you want to check them out, please call Jennivine Lee.

I know quite a few people who went through this program. Those who had discipline and continue to visualize themselves as a slim person stayed slim, while others reverted to their old eating and drinking habits (or just liked their old clothes so much) that soon after losing weight, they gained it back and started wearing their old pants and dresses again.


No matter where I’ve traveled, it was always easy to spot someone who carries a lot of weight. The images you see came from The Sea Ranch, France, Cuba, and of course—San Francisco. Enjoy!

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