How To Celebrate Being Alive


How To Celebrate Being Alive

My original title for this story was “How To Celebrate my 73rd birthday“, which was on January 13th. Some people think that I cannot be that age, since I have a younger look, in spite of my gray hair. And for those who ask for my secret, the answer is very simple – I feel young in my heart and enjoy being alive every day. Since I am not planning to retire, I have all the reasons to be alive. I enjoy everything I do and work on becoming a better mortgage broker, writer and photographer. To celebrate my birthday, we decided to spend some time with our daughters. The oldest one Alona, lives not far from Palm Springs with her boyfriend Jeff. We flew there on Thursday and stayed in a resort hotel.

It was very relaxing. We swam in a pool with warm natural water, rested and ate good food in the local restaurant. Usually in many of our previous trips to the Palm Springs area, we stayed close to the downtown area, with the busy life. This time, without realizing it, I followed my own resolution to start the new decade with a sense of calm, which I wrote about two weeks ago.

From there, we drove to West Hollywood, where our younger daughter Tamar lives with her husband David. There we spent quiet family time, visited the LACMA museum to see Thomas Joshua Cooper’s photography exhibit, ate at some of the local restaurants, and otherwise relaxed in preparation for a very busy year, since mortgage interest rates are quite low and many of our clients will benefit from refinancing. I also found two interesting books about chocolate, the subject I am going to write about next week.

We flew back on the day of my birthday, which we celebrated with the dinner at the “One 65” Bistro located on O’Farrell Street, the place I will write about next week, as well.

P.S. The sense of calm, while being alive, already started to produce results. During the trip I obviously photographed and got a few interesting images.

The flowers you see are wonderfully simplistic. I photographed them in the desert and the images I posted last week.

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