How to Celebrate a 53rd Anniversary


How to Celebrate a 53rd Anniversary

Whenever I tell someone that my wife Elfa tolerated me for fifty-three years, some wonder how that is possible. Well, of course, I am joking. Though it probably was not easy. After all, we are together most of the time. Not too many couples can claim that not only they lived together for over half of the century, but they also worked together. In September, we are going to celebrate 35 years since we started our mortgage brokerage company – Pacific Bay Financial. This fact by itself is an incredible achievement in our long marriage. Our secret – we do everything together, which includes of course, taking vacations.

Last year, we celebrated our anniversary in The Sea Ranch, one of our favorite short vacation destinations. We hoped to be there this year as well, and even managed to get a reservation. To our surprise, soon after we booked the house we were going to stay in, we were informed that our reservation was canceled. After trying different local agencies, to our disappointment, nothing was available, except one house for an exorbitant amount for three days’ vacation. Since people cannot travel abroad for vacations due to Covid-19, there is a new local demand. We tried other resorts in Mendocino County, there was no vacancy either, besides the question was – where will we be able to eat?

After not finding what we were looking for, we decided to change direction. I called a friend who lives in Carmel. Turns out that there were many good restaurants with outside seating. Elfa was able to find accommodations at a small Colonial Terrace Hotel located away from the tourist drag — Ocean Avenue. We stayed a block away from the ocean and fell asleep under the roaring sounds of the waves. No wonder I was able to catch up on my lack of sleep. It also helped that Max stayed in the city with his dog sitter. As my friend told me, the restaurants were open. Most of them built street sitting arrangements; some used the building roofs for a patio. Most stores and art galleries were open as well, and though the majority of the visitors wore face masks, our visit felt like a déjà vu, since we’ve visited this jewel by the sea many times. Can San Francisco and other cities follow the same protocol and enjoy a semi-normal protected life? Years ago, we celebrated our wedding anniversary as tourists in Downtown San Francisco. I hope it will not take long for our beautiful city to become tourist attraction again.

P.S. Upon arrival to our hotel, the first thing I noticed – flowers, many varieties, which competed with each other to attract bees and other insects, and human appreciation. These four images are just some of them, which with my artistic skills become more visible and distinct. You can see more of my flowers on Instagram, where I am planning to post daily under the name “Beauty a day will keep your worries away.”

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