How To Avoid Being A Jerk


How To Avoid Being A Jerk

“Your image is not what you see in the mirror, but what others see in your eyes.”


The idea to write about jerks came after reading an article in the SF Chronicle, “Does more money mean more jerks?”.  Since English is my fourth language, I often use the dictionary to find out the exact meaning of a word; especially those that have a common use, like “jerk”. According to Urban Dictionary, “Jerks are selfish, manipulative bastards who see women as little more than sexual conquests to brag about to their buddies, or mere objects that are there for their personal pleasure.” There are other definitions and all of them have to do with the relationship between men and women.

I immediately had a number of questions: the article does not talk about personal (sexual) relationship, why did Heather Knight used the word “jerk” in the title? But I also questioned the conclusions of the 50 studies made by Paul Piff?


In my view, there are three types of drivers: aggressive (I am one of them), docile, and those who never learned how to drive. Since most of us are either “A” or “B” types, our driving style reflects our personalities. “A” types want to do more in a limited amount of time. Some believe that fast cars like BMWs can get them to their destination faster. On the way, they might violate a few traffic rules, like not stopping for pedestrians, or running a red light. When caught, like I was on the traffic camera (read my story here), there was no choice but to pay the hefty penalty and to take an 8-hour class to learn how to behave on the road. Of course, there is another category of people/drivers; those who do not care about others. We can call them irresponsible, egoists, crazy, or even jerks. Just be sure you are not getting in their way.


Driving on the road is sharing it with others. Like other social activities, we need to learn how to be social regarding our personality type. As I’ve written before, taking time for driving classes can help calm and pacify any driver. As far as the type of car, we all have our budgets. We all will get to our destinations, though sometimes we need to shop even when we are in a rush.



Some people with “extra” money like to show off, drive fast, and buy expensive cars (not necessarily BMW’s). On our recent visit to LA, I found four beauties in front of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel: a yellow McLaren, a grey Lamborghini, a red Ferrari, and a black Bugatti. Enjoy and share it with a friend.


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