Help Save Yogasita!

Hello Friends!

I recently received the email down below from my good friend and Yoga instructor, Susannah Bruder. She would really appreciate any help that you may be able to lend:

Hi dear Yogis:

Thanks for all the ideas and energy and referrals you have sent in such a short time.

Hope I can lift the by clarifying what I need is just 9, 90 minute  classes, sub leased by other teachers of Yoga, martial arts, healing arts,at Yogasita besides my own.  So that could be 9 individual teachers, or one, two or three.

I have many friends who teach Yoga & healing and movement arts, all around the entire Bay, and am asking all.

Because, inevitably a teacher is  moving or looking for a new space –  my thought is to get the ripple out that the lovely serene Yogasita has space.

Upset at my landlord or any worry not good use of energy, just saying.

So who do you know who takes any of these types of classes, or is perhaps a neighbor to, or married to, or knows a teacher of one of these disciplines?

Or  send to your Chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist, health care provider – they may know a teacher looking for space. Someone has put it up on Facebook, great idea

Please send your own note about the studio being available, with the CL link and  not my email to you.

If 50% of you who read this email, sends one to someone you know, the 9 slots will be filled quickly. If you all send to one other person, that would be something

Love and Thanks,


To contact Susannah, please email her at

1501 Mariposa at Arkansas No. 308
San Francisco, CA 94107
415.864.7482 (SITA)

Yogasita SF