Fridays with Manny



On Sunday afternoons, our labradoodle Max takes us for a walk. We have a number of destinations, preferably the areas where Max can run leash-free. It can be either Fort Funston or, weather permitted, along the ocean, since the road is closed for traffic on weekends. Also, there are very nice places in Golden Gate Park. One of them is around Stow Lake.

The lake is beautiful, but Max has to be on leash there, unless we cross a small bridge so he can chase squirrels. And then there is a walk from 25th Avenue and Lincoln Way through the forest to a small lake. Our latest discovery is on Richmond side. This time we parked on Fulton Street, close to 11th Avenue, where there is a trail leading through pine tree forest to the Rose Garden.

There are no roses though this time of the year… We continued our walk to John F. Kennedy Drive. Typically for a Sunday, there were no cars, and the sign pointed to JFK Promenade. Bicyclists, walkers, runners, dog walkers, even coyotes come here to have a good time. So did Max, and so did we. The three encounters I photographed on that day are the testimony that we are blessed to live in San Francisco and to have such a beautiful park.

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