Fridays with Manny



I have recently watched a fascinating documentary about the Dalai Lama, called The Great 14th, on the Northern California Public Media channel, 717. His name is well known, and there are quite a few books which share his wisdom. However, this was the first time I heard his point of view on many subjects like religion, relationships between people and his views on the relationship between China and Tibet. But what impressed me the most,  was his statement that his focus in life is to find inner peace.
When you have inner peace, you can deal with other issues surrounding you. Inner peace helps us when things don’t go as we wish for them to, and it helps us in our relationships with each other. When you have inner peace, there is no need to pretend to please others. Inner peace can liberate you from yourself. I accept this idea completely, but how does one achieve this state? 


One of the ways is to meditate (this is what Dalai Lama does). If you have difficulty or do not know how to relax, I might have a solution. I call it the THI Effect, where THI stands for The Healing Image. To help you, I selected a number of beautiful images of flowers. You just have to look at one of the images, close your eyes and let it stay in your memory. This will trigger the THI Effect. You will be able to relax or mediate, or just to fall asleep.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so please give your loved ones a beautiful gift of flowers. Meanwhile, I am sharing with you three images from my collection.

Enjoy and share with a friend!