Fridays with Manny


Laughter and “The Silent Killer”

Have you heard about Dr. Steven Gundry, the Founder of Center for Restorative Medicine? His new book, “The Energy Paradox” is going to be available this coming March.

A friend sent me a note recently, from Dr. Gundry, which I am going to quote.

“In the United States, heart disease, also known as “the silent killer”, is the leading cause of death for both men and women. But I have good news for you – a simple and fun way to help reduce your risk of developing this dreadful health problem is LAUGHTER!”

You know that old saying, “Laughter is the best medicine”, right? Well, it applies to heart health as well. And it helps on many levels. But laughing works especially well for dealing with stress. So in a funny twist, new research is showing one solution to the hazards of stress on your heart is… to simply laugh!”

And if you need help, just read one of the jokes in “42 Encounters with Laughter”. I hope that these three dancing flowers will bring smile to your face, which is an easy way to laughter.

Enjoy and Share with A Friend.