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Where to Celebrate a 50th Anniversary

As life marches on, from time to time we discover that some people whom we’ve known for years are no longer around, or the couple we met years ago are not together anymore. Therefore, to our great delight, we received an invitation to celebrate our friends’, whom we have known for over forty years, fiftieth wedding anniversary. Our children studied in the same school, and I vividly remember the little girl who was hiding behind her mom’s skirt. Now this girl is a successful attorney, who has three daughters of her own. Her family, as well as her entrepreneurial brother, now live in Southern California.

A few years ago, our friends decided to relocate to Del Mar, closer to their children and to take care of their four grandchildren. It was their children’s decision to throw a party, and we were invited. For three days, we stayed at the L’Auberge Del Mar Hotel. In the morning, I walked on the beach, and saw many surfers in the water, and in the evening we partied. On one of the mornings, the party was on the beach.

There I found a young man and a woman, who I learned were surfing instructors. They were invited as part of the entertainment and brought with them a variety of sizes of wet suits and surf boards. Some of the guests, including an eight years young girl, who plays tennis and soccer, got surfing lessons on the beach. The process how to surf seemed simple. You just need to lie down on the board, and first paddle across the waves and then stand up on the board and maintain balance, as the waves carry you to the shore. It turned out this is not so simple as you can see in these short videos. I also included three images of the experienced surfers, who take some time on the beach before jumping into the water.

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