Fridays with Manny


How To Meet A Bear

After waking up, I stepped out on the balcony at 6.30 am, and I saw that our ship was still moving to our destination – William Henry Bay. We were passing small islands, which were steep forest covered hills. Suddenly, I heard distinctive roaring, coming across the bay, which sounded like a bear. 

Today we are going ashore, and at the preparatory lecture last night, we were instructed what to do if we encounter a bear. We were told how to distinguish between three types. If you run away and decide to climb a tree, and the bear climbs up behind you – it is a black bear. If the bear is scared by you and makes scary sounds and gestures, walk away. This is a brown bear, and it will not follow you, since it it prefers fish and berries (unless it is a mama bear and there are bear cubs to protect in the vicinity). If you meet a huge white bear, you will not be able to tell a story about the encounter, since you are going to be eaten.

To get ashore, we were taken in Zodiac boats. On the ship, we were given red jackets, floating vests, as well as special water protective boots. The group had to stay together, and even if a bear would see us, I doubt that he or she was interested in being photographed. Enjoy these three encounters.

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