Fridays with Manny


Visit to Icy Bay

This morning did not have as dramatic a view as it did yesterday. We saw what seemed like endless water with the horizon line somewhere in the infinity. The water was calm, and it was pleasant outside. Our destination was Icy Bay aka Guyot Glacier. It did not take long for the pieces of ice to appear in the water. At the beginning, there only a few small ones, and then they got larger and larger. One even carried a colony of birds. A few were a dark grey color, and as they moved, the surrounded water was filled with dirt. As the crowd of ice grew, it reminded me of the people as they arrive in a new place. First, a few pioneers, and then as it happened when gold was discovered in Alaska and California, more crowds burst in, bringing with them some dark personalities who left a dirt trail where they moved in. But eventually, all melt to become one large mass either of water or people. 

In the afternoon, when we reached the Glacier, we took our first excursion on the Zodiac boats. When the first group left the ship and sailed toward large pieces of ice, it did not look impressive from far away. However, when we got there, I was overwhelmed. These were icebergs melting away with incredible carved shapes and a luminescent green color. The color is caused by the new snow pressure on the lower layers, and those pieces which are dark are covering land. While glaciers are melting, the new snow creates new layers. 

The question is, what will happen first, and how long will it take? Meanwhile, do not wait. Make an effort to experience the natural beauty. Here are a few images from our encounters.

Enjoy and Share Love!