Fridays With Manny


Greetings From Anchorage

When I tell friends that we just came back from a cruise to Alaska, the common response is that Alaska is on the top of their destination list. Therefore, I decided to share our experience to “whet your appetite”. Please let me know when you are ready.

This is the first post describing our daily encounters during a two-week voyage from Anchorage to Vancouver. Our trip to Alaska was almost accidental, though my wife Elfa has wanted to go there for many years. Before Covid-19, we were booked for a cruise to Iceland, with Hurtigruten Expeditions. We went with them to the Fjords in Norway in 2017, and enjoyed the experience of traveling on a smaller ship. As the scare of Covid subsided in 2022, we booked this year’s trip to go from Lisbon to Hamburg (Iceland was not available in the spring). A month before our trip, we were informed that it was canceled for technical reasons. So our next choice was Alaska.

My first encounter was from the airplane. The view of high mountain peaks covered with snow was magical. We decided to explore Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city, for a few days before beginning our journey into nature.

Anchorage was born as a tent city in 1914, with the purpose of building a railroad and a port, when Congress passed the Alaska Railroad Act. To explore the area we took an Anchorage Tourist Trolley, which drove us around for an hour, and we learned some tidbits about the local life.

The Earthquake of 1964 destroyed most of Anchorage’s neighborhoods. It was quickly rebuilt and now has a population of about 300,000 friendly people. The “red” woman is working for the Red Trolley Company. I encountered three beautiful women at the best breakfast restaurant “Snow City Café”. They were laughing after I told them one of the jokes from my book “42 Encounters with Laughter”. I promise you will laugh too.

Enjoy and Share Love!