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Meaning of Life

I recently I re-read one of the photography books in my library titled, “Meaning of Life”, published by “LIFE” magazine. The book is the product of 300 thoughtful people from different walks of life; the words complemented by photographs from 127 of the world’s top photographers. What amazed me was how the answers from 173 poets and scientists, philosophers and everyday sages on the street differ. One of them is a comment from Frank Donotrio, a barber. “I have been asking why I’m here most of my life. If there is a purpose, I don’t care anymore. I’m seventy-four. I am on my way out. Let the young people learn the hard way, like I did. No one ever told me anything.”

Since I am also 74 years young, I can relate to Mr. Donotrio’s sentiments; however, if I would be asked this question, my answer would be, “The meaning of life is to learn, experience life and to share myself with others, especially young people”. One of the ways I’m doing this is by posting my weekly essays in “Fridays with Manny”. Another way is through publishing my photo-story books, like 42 Encounters with Laughter. Sometimes jokes and laughter can be a good way to figure out the meaning of life. And yet another way is just to enjoy each day, and seek beauty, like these images of flowers.

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