Fridays With Manny


What Is Your Favorite Color?

As a photographer, I’m always looking for the ways to improve my craft. This is why I bought the book, “The Color Bible. The Definitive Guide for Artists and Designers” written by Laura Perryman.  

In the book, there is a quote from Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe: “Colors and Light… stand in most intimate relation to each other”.

Color theory, or our understanding about color, began with Aristotle. Through the years, many researchers developed the color wheel, which is divided into 12 colors that correlate with each other. And each of us has an individual relationship and reaction to a specific color. I was not surprised about the description of my color in the book – “calm, divine, meditative. Deeply connected with the natural world, blue is easy on the eye and mind… darker shades are perceived as reliable and trustworthy.”

“My blue” tone is the same as the color of the blue birds you can see here. Do you know your color? You can learn about it in the book or online. 

Enjoy and Share Love!