Fridays With Manny


Rules for the Dance

The title of this week’s essay is misleading, since it is also the title of the book written by well-known writer-poet, Mary Oliver. The subtitle is “A Handbook for Writing and Reading Metrical Verse”. As someone who writes poems, I read writings of other poets as well. This time, the title prompted me to share with you one of the poems from my new photo-poetry book, “42 Encounters with Love” (order it here).

Keep Dancing

Since my teenage years,

I have always loved to dance.

I still remember my first steps.

She was twelve; I was thirteen.

We danced cheek to cheek.

I asked her for the next dance, too,

but she had chosen another boy.

Years passed, and then, when I was nineteen,

I met a new dance partner with whom I fell in love.

And now fifty-five years later,

Elfa and I are still dancing cheek to cheek.

Dancing can be manifested in various ways. Even while encountering flowers from a fried egg bush (matilija poppy) that looked like it was dancing.

Enjoy and Share Love!