Fridays with Manny


What Is Your Message?

We are constantly bombarded and influenced by messages from the world around us. Therefore, we need to be very selective which messages reach our brain. Over 35 years ago, one of my coaches, Tom Hopkin, recommended a morning ritual: to stand in front of the mirror and to repeat, “I love myself, I love myself.” Since only by loving ourselves, we can learn how to love others in our lives. This message of Love, many years ago, led to the production of my photo-poems book, “42 Encounters with Love”. Please order for yourself and loved ones.

Besides common sources of information like social media, television and newspapers, some leave their messages on the trees.

During our recent visit to Golden Gate Park, my wife noticed small white tags attached to the trees. Someone wanted to send messages to the park’s visitors.

“God loves each of us as if there was only one of us.”

“Be patient, God is not done with you yet.”

“Truth is the enemy of a rebellious heart.”

What is your message to yourself, which can benefit others?

Enjoy and Share Love!