Fridays with Manny


Spring Is Here

On Friday April 1st, I fooled myself and instead of staying in the office, I drove to Golden Gate Park for a stroll in the Botanical Garden, to experience spring. If you received my latest book, “42 Encounters with Love” (if not you can order here), you know that, in addition to my other skills, I write poems. 


I know that Spring is here 

Because the Japanese maple tree

In our backyard has burst with red leaves.

It looks as if the burning bush

Mysteriously appeared in San Francisco.

The majestic magnolias flowers

Are showing their beauty.

The Calla lilies stick out their heads

To manifest their royal glory.

Red tulips have opened their mouths

To absorb the morning dew,

And yellow daffodils

Bounced together as in the dance.

The colorful tapestry covers the ground.

White daisies, pink flowers

And blue forget-me-nots.

The navy-blue and white hyacinths

Fill the air with their fragrance.

I know that spring is here

Because the world is filled with beauty.

In the Botanical Garden I photographed many exotic looking flowers; but I also encountered people who came here just to relax.

Enjoy and Share Love with a Friend!