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Where to Find Love

Sunday, February 14th, thanks to the marketing efforts of the Hallmark company, is the official date when we are reminded that there are people in our lives to whom we say “I love you” or “Be my Valentine”. But what happens during the rest of the 364 days of the year? This depends on your ability to love and how to express it. 

My wife Elfa taught me a valuable lesson, which I gladly will share with you. Years ago, our daughter was dating a man whom I considered to be a wrong guy for her. This made me upset, and I was complaining to Elfa. Her response was a question, “Is your feeling coming from your brain or from your heart?” When I comprehended what she was asking, I connected my thoughts about our daughter with my heart. The upset was gone, since I only could feel love.

To express their feelings, people often buy red roses, I give you mine to share my love. “Where there is love, there is laughter, and where there is laughter, there is love”. “42 Encounters with Laughter” might help you to laugh and love. If you get your copy, please send me an e-mail at

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