Fridays with Manny


How Young Are You?

Yesterday on January 13th, I turned 75 years young. Being old or young are just words and regardless of what is your age, you can decide what the number of years you live in the world mean to you. In Ram Dass’s book, “Polishing the Mirror” I read about an Indian tradition, according to which, life is divided into periods. Until you are twenty, it is time to learn. From twenty to forty is the time to raise the family. From forty to sixty is the time to study wisdom. And then it is time to leave the material world and one’s family to become a holy man. I follow a different tradition.

Until five years ago, when I turned seventy, I was preparing myself for the creative state of my life. For the next fifty years when I am going to be 120, my plan is to enrich other people’s life by sharing my God given gifts, either through finding mortgage solutions, writing poems and stories, publishing books and creating photo-art. My latest photo-poetry book is “42 Encounters with Love”, is going to be available at the end of January. Please pre-order it here.

Stay tuned and meanwhile enjoy the three images of flowers.

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