Friday’s with Manny


What Is Love?

I would like to start the new year with my favorite word in English language – Love. With the power vested to me by you, my readers, I proclaim 2022 the Year of Love.

To cement my statement, I published a new photo-book, “42 Encounters with Love”, which is going to be available at the end of January. This was also my first attempt to write love poems. Through thousands of years, many great poets expressed their feelings about love in their verses. This is why I do not call myself a poet – not yet. The title of one of my poems is, “What is Love?”. There I ask this question starting with a poet and ending with a woman.

“What is love?” I asked a woman.

She did not answer but instead

closed her eyes and kissed my lips.

And suddenly I knew the answer;

Love is not words, but a feeling,

Which fills my heart with love.”

A kiss is an expression of love regardless of where we live, as you can see from my encounters in San Francisco, Paris and Tel Aviv.

Make 2022 a Great Year. 

With Love.

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