Friday’s with Manny



Though December 31st is just another day in the calendar, people have new expectations for the new year with the anticipation of a better life. For me, it is going to be a year of noticeable dates. 

On January 13th, I am going to turn 75 years young. On August 8th, Elfa and I and our family will celebrate our 55th wedding anniversary. It is also 20 years since I had my last drink of alcohol (I quit for a spiritual reason). September is going to be 37 years since we started Pacific Bay Financial. And December 29th marks 50 years since we left Riga, Latvia. I can also squeeze into the list our first trip abroad in April (I keep my fingers crossed). Also in the list — my next and fourth Encounters photostory book, “42 Encounters with Love”, which is my first poetry-photo book, as well as my book, “Fridays with Manny 2021”. And since conforming limits of mortgages went up and interest rates will probably stay low, I am going to be very busy, helping many of my clients. I am going to continue to send out my weekly essays and photo images, I hope you will enjoy them.

The three images of beautiful bouquets are to remind you about the beauty of the new year.

Enjoy and Share!

Make 2022 A Great Year!