Fridays with Manny


The Mood

I woke up later than usual on Thursday morning. It seemed that my body needed the extra rest. It was still dark outside. Usually, I do my stretches first thing in the morning, but that day I was not in the mood, and didn’t want to force myself. 

While I was following my morning routine of browsing through a photography book, the light started to fill the sky. I looked through the window. Everything was grey, corresponding to my mood. And then, when I went back to the bedroom, I noticed that the sun was bursting through the grey clouds above our neighbors’ roof. I instantly knew that it was going to be another beautiful day, and my mood immediately improved. After I took a shower, the bedroom was lit with the rays of the sun, illuminating the photograph from our wedding day, taken over 53 years ago. 

I felt happy, grateful and blessed and in the mood to go to work to help other people improve their mood. If you are not in the mood, just read a few jokes in my new photo story book “42 Encounters with Laughter”. Your mood will change, I guarantee it.

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