Fridays with Manny


What Is Noise?

We are all surrounded by a lot of information and misinformation. As a result, many of us make decisions based on our gut feelings; which can lead to devastating results, as I found out in the book titled “Noise. A Flaw in Human Judgement”. The author, Daniel Kahneman who won the Nobel Prize in 2002 in Economics, and the 2013 President Medal of Freedom, joined forces with two brilliant researchers — Professor Oliver Sibony and Professor Cass R. Sunstein. 

They call “noise” the way people make errors in judgments. Among many examples, are decisions made by the judges, who for the same crime can send a person to prison for 3 years or 13 years. Their decisions seemed influenced by the day of the week and depended on if their sports team won or lost the game over the weekend. Or the time of day – before the lunch or after. 

When you read the book, you will learn that “noise” can have an effect on many aspects of our lives. Therefore, please be sure to check the validity of the sources of the information you are using. Sometimes “the noise” can be just shared gossip and not only among children.

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