Fridays with Manny


Old and New

I visited a client recently, who owns a building that was built in 1904, and survived the 1906 earthquake. Originally it was built as two units, Edwardian style. There is a separate carriage house in the backyard, which was used for housing horses. Presently, the main building changed from the original design. It is divided into five units plus a rental unit in the back.

In San Francisco, many buildings’ original design has changed. Some of them are under historic preservation and cannot be demolished unless of course, the new building will preserve the façade of the old one. This is exactly what happened to four one-story buildings on Market Street, across from Zuni Café. When we went for dinner there recently, I noticed that the old buildings were gone, to be replaced by a huge new high-rise with the fake old façade. Progress is marching on. However, we do not have to forget about the past. Not all buildings can be destroyed.

During our recent trip to the Gold County, we encountered three buildings which were built about 170 years ago.

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