Fridays with Manny


History Lessons

Through the years I’ve read and listened to quite a few books written by Bill Bryson; most of them about travel. Therefore, I was intrigued by the title, “A Short History of Nearly Everything”. After many hours of listening to the detailed accounts of how our world was created, based on his thorough review of every possible source, my feeling was how little “experts” really knew. 

For example, the age of our earth had many estimates through the years. From 75,000 years to the current estimate 4,543 billion, plus or minus about 50 million years. The same goes for the history of the dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. In spite of many speculations, no one really knows how they disappeared. 

While listening, from time to time my thoughts were directed to the process of the account of Creation, as it appeared in the Torah. Tomorrow, Saturday, October 2nd starts a new cycle of reading Genesis, where it is written that the process took six periods called days. This corresponds to the evolutionary epochs, described by science. During many years, many large animals and birds have become extinct for various reasons, while small birds like hummingbirds survived, being around for about 42 million years. I was fortunate to capture three images of one bird in our neighborhood.

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