Fridays with Manny


Practice Makes It Better

You might have heard the joke attributed to different personalities: “A pedestrian asked a musician, ‘How do you make it to Carnegie Hall?’ Without a pause the artist replied, ‘Practice’”.

I thought of this joke while looking down from the balcony of the house we were staying in at the Mountain Retreat, which I wrote about last week. It was located in front of the Driving Range, where people playing come to practice their swings before going (driving) to the golf course. 

It was interesting to observe how different players are. When I complimented a young man, whose ball regularly flew past the 100ft mark, he responded, “It is all in the grip.” I think this remark relates to any occupation. Find your grip and practice. This is exactly what I did at night; using the Driving Range to practice shooting (photographing) the stars.

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