Fridays with Manny


Charming Portland, Oregon?

The reason why I put the title in the form of a question, is because when we told our friends that our daughter Tamar and her family are moving from West Hollywood to Portland, some had a whimsical look on their face. Why are they doing that? Is it a job transfer? Which only means that many people do not know Portland.

We have been here a number of times, and have also shared mixed feelings about it. The city with the population of over 650,000 recently gained notoriety for the riots. Its slogan is “Keep Portland Weird”, and for some people it might look this way. The homeless population downtown might look similar to San Francisco’s. However, there is a different face for the city as well. 

This time, we traveled there to help our children and granddaughter to settle down in their new place. In the residential area they are living in, we discovered the charm Portland offers, with beautiful old homes on narrow streets lined with mature trees and a lot of flowers in people’s front yards and on the sidewalk. Portland is called the “Rose City” and as you can see, it deserves the title.

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