Fridays with Manny


A Dog’s Love

I came across an article titled, “What Makes Dogs So Special and Successful? Love.” It was written by Karin Brulliard; it was an interview with the psychologist Clive Wynne, author of the book “Dog Is Love”, and first was published in The Washington Post on September 3, 2018.

Mr. Wynne writes, “Dogs have an exaggerated, ebullient, perhaps even excessive capacity to form affectionate relationships.” Since it was scientific research, instead of love dogs were measured for exceptional gregariousness and hyper sociability. Turns out that “Dogs fall in love much more easily than people do, and they also seem to be able to move on much more easily than people can”. 

Both the article and the book have a lot of fascinating information. However, it takes two to tango. To experience a dog’s love, one needs to be a dog lover, which is why I published the book, “42 Encounters with Dog Lovers”. The three images are extras, which I photographed after the book was out.

Enjoy and Share.