Fridays with Manny


Footsteps On The Sand

If you are interested in the history of San Francisco, Gary Kamiya, the author of the bestselling book “Cool Gray City of Love: 49 Views of San Francisco” is your guide. 

Twice a month, in the San Francisco Chronicle, you can read his column “Portals of the Past”. On June 26th in the story, “How an intercultural couple in early San Francisco gained acceptance”, he writes about the events which happened on October 29, 1850. On that day, 16-year-old Ann Frances Moses, a daughter of a Mormon immigrant, married 20-year old Eustaquio Valencia, a member of one of the growing town’s prominent Californio families. 

The question might come to your mind, “Why would we care about a family who lived over 170 years ago?” Well, for a very simple reason. The couple was part of what San Francisco is all about, its people. They came here from all over the world and, as we are here now, blended in like sand on the beach. While we are living, we leave footsteps on the sand, and then the ocean washes it away, leaving just sand.

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