Fridays with Manny


Just Keep Driving

We finally met our granddaughter in Los Angeles last week, who is 9 and a half months young. 

Since Elfa and I along with our daughter Tamar and her husband David are fully vaccinated, we could take a trip there and visit with them. We’ve driven to LA many times and usually take Highway 280, which connects to the 101, and at a certain point 152 takes us to Highway 5. However, this time I missed the exit and was considering turning back at the next one. My wife Elfa said, “just keep driving, 101 will also get us to our destination”. So I did, until suddenly GPS told me to take exit 46, which I followed, and this is how we discovered “Blackwells Corner”, which is part of California’s history. We stopped to get gas and to visit a local convenience store, where we found another part of history. Turns out, that this was the last shop where on September 30, 1955, movie actor James Dean bought some items before he was killed in a car crash a short time after. 

Blackwells Corner is located in the Antelope Valley of Kern County, with Bakersfield as the county seat. This is one of the fastest growing areas in the country, which I would never know about, if I would not listen to my wife’s advice, “Just keep driving.” I encourage you to take this route, have lunch at the restaurant, buy pistachios and take pictures with the 50’s memorabilia, as I did.

Enjoy and Share!