Fridays with Manny


Back To The Civilized Nature

The title of this essay sounds like an oxymoron. Nevertheless, visiting The Sea Ranch is exactly that. This is the place where humans managed to integrate into nature without destroying it. Due to Covid-19, we were unable to visit here for more than a year. Years ago, we owned a second home in The Sea Ranch, but now we just return when we can and rent different houses located on the meadow side (there are also homes on the forest side). 

This last time, our short vacation was from Thursday until Monday. The Sea Ranch is one of our favorite places in the world to visit to relax, to breathe fresh air, to walk along the ocean, on one of the 50 miles of trails, to read, to write and of course to photograph. While there, I also started working on my next photobook, “42 Encounters with Love”. Meanwhile, you can find my other books at

For these three images to share with you, I decided to show how humans and nature blend together here.

Enjoy and Share!