Fridays with Manny


How to Get to Appeasement

As part of my morning routine, I read excerpts from the book, “Kabbalah 365: Daily Fruit from the Tree of Life” by Rabbi Gershon Winkler. Recently I read that “Darkness is but a garment of light” (Seifer Ha Zohar, Vol.1, folio 226). He explains, “It is still light, but veiled; the darker it is, the more layers of the veil. Likewise, everything in life is one with the opposite. For example, if you are feeling anger, this is an extremely thick veil for the opposite – appeasement. So gradually, try to remove the layers until you discover appeasement. If you are feeling hate, it is a thick layer of the opposite, love. And so with everything, all is one.”

This definition is different from the one I found in Online Dictionary – “Darkness is partial or total absence of light.” For me, photographing in the darkness always produces unexpected results, which allows light to manifest itself.