Fridays with Manny


Let’s Make 2020
A Year of Laughter

Happy New Year, Dear Friend!

I decided to start the New Year not only with a new look for my essays; but also, with a new spirit, which I would like to share with you. Together we will make 2021 the Year of Laughter.

To help us, I published my next photo-story book “42 Encounters with Laughter”. It is going to be available in about two weeks. The book has 42 + jokes and images of laughing people. I guarantee you will laugh as well. In the book you are going to be reminded, first of all, to laugh at ourselves, laugh when life presents you challenges, to laugh with a friend. Like the guy who laughed at the joke three times. First when he heard it in the bar, the second time when he told the joke to his wife, and the third time the next morning when he finally got the punchline. Speaking of punchlines, jokes sound better when they are told to a friend. If you do not have one, just tell a joke to a stranger, and will have an instant friend. As you can see, I do it all the time.

You can preorder “42 Encounters with Laughter” on

Enjoy and Share with A Friend!