Fridays with Manny



Every birthday has significance as every number has the meaning. And then there are special numbers. On January 13th I reached double luck. When last year people asked about my age, my answer was 67 (at least this is how I feel). Then I was explaining that when I turned 70, I became dyslexic. The game is over (though I still feel 67). Turns out that 7 is the special lucky number. So, let’s take a pick in the online meanings for the numbers.

“People affiliated with the number seven are believed to be insightful, intuitive, truthful, introspective, intellectual and wise”, and then, to support the description, another website informed that the number 7 symbolizes “solitude, hidden knowledge, spiritual truth and introspective.” And all of these just for one number seven, and I have double — 77. There is another numbers combination related to this special date when we add numbers in my birthday. 01-13-2024 it adds up to 13, which is my birthdate. In spite of some negative superstition, I found out that “Angel Number 13 symbolizes leading with love and compassion, staying focused on the positive in the face of negativity, being passionate about your ambitions and finding success in the future.”

Now the question is – O.K. I got all of that, but how this can benefit you? Actually you have the answer. After all, everything I do is for your benefits. Mortgage consulting, writing, photography, books publishing and of course, my friendship.

If you feel deprived because you don’t have number 7 or 13 in your life, I decided to share with you some of my luck – my new desktop calendar with gorgeous flowers and my pearls of wisdom. I called it “53 Reminders”. Please order it here. The three images you can see above are flowers from the calendar.

Enjoy and Share!