Fridays with Manny


Where to Find Love

On my way to taking Max to his dog sitter a few weeks ago, I drove through Golden Gate Park. While driving, I noticed a man photographing a small tree covered with white flowers. After dropping off Max, I decided to return to photograph the same tree.

The grey sky created the perfect light for taking photos. I took a short walk close to the Japanese Garden and faced not one, but quite a few trees covered with spring blooms. While trying to find the right angle I moved closer, and I lost my sense of time. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with emotions and my eyes became watery. In my heart I felt love.A love for the trees, flowers, nature and the beauty it brings to my life. 

Flowers will not last for long, but we are always surrounded by nature. Just go out and fall in love. In the meantime, take a look at the flowers I photographed for you.

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