Do You Have Faith?


“Plant seeds of opportunity and help them grow.” 


I’ve been wanting to write about the subject of faith for a while. Not the faith for some deity or certain religious traditions, but rather faith in life. The kind of knowing that regardless of what happens; everything will turn out all right.

I do have this faith—and my life is the proof.


If you read my first book, “The Mortgage Game: The 5 C’s and How to Connect Them”, you know that I had many ups and downs in my life.

After working with us for over 20 years, two of our top producers decided to leave the mortgage bank we were affiliated with for another mortgage bank—the greener pasture. Despite the financial blow to our bottom line, I saw this as an opportunity to get rid of the old way of doing business, where we were heavily dependent upon the whim of the people, markets, economy, or regulators, and to rebuild ourselves as a commercial mortgage broker, while continuing residential mortgage brokerage the way it always worked—“only by referrals”.


After placing an ad in Craigslist, we immediately got responses. What was remarkable was that two candidates called without seeing the ad. As a result, five new associates who will focus on commercial loans, joined our team and this number will continue to grow.

But there is of course another faith, which probably has similar roots to the one I described before–faith in a higher power. We might call it either “Hashem”, “Allah”, or “God”, but it is all the same.


Faith can manifest in various forms. On the morning of the day that he passed, my friend Alex was unconscious. He lay down in his bed, his eyes closed, without any reaction. At 3 pm, the rabbi came and started to pray. Suddenly, Alex opened his eyes and started to repeat the words of the prayer as though the rabbi was following him. Alex never learned how to pray before. But he always had faith and at the last hours of his life, he knew what to say.

Have faith. Everything will be all right.

I have faith in your sharing this message and my ability to find tailored mortgage solutions for your friends.


In Cuba, after over 50 years of the Socialist regime, not many people demonstrate their faith to God, but I was lucky to capture a few who wore a cross, as a symbol of their faith. 




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