Do You Believe In Reincarnation?


Do You Believe In Reincarnation?

Last week I wrote that the way to get to Carnegie Hall is to “practice, practice, practice”. What about having talent and knowing where it comes from?

I thought about it back on November 19, 2016, after reading a story in the Datebook of the SF Chronicle “Alma Deutscher, a composer, virtuoso, pianist and concert violinist who wrote her first sonata five years ago and whose first full opera will have a World Premiere next month, and she’s only 11.” She started playing piano at the age of two, and when compared with Mozart, who started playing in public at the age of 6, was capable of playing multiple instruments and wrote “The Symphony No. 1” at the age of eight years, Alma laughed dismissively, “I think for me it is more interesting to be Alma”, instead of Mozart”, she says. And being special is really normal because I don’t know anything else.” Her future plans include composing a piano concerto and symphony. She has started a book that she wants to make into a film, with her own score.

Alma Deutscher and Amadeus Mozart are not the only who started their musical career before the age of 12. I found a list of at least 132 famous musicians from different periods and parts of the world, online. The list continued into different genres of music like country and bluegrass, folk and world music, blues, jazz, soul and funk, pop, rock, Indian classic music, and even bagpipes.

Talent is of course not limited to music. There are talented people in the fields of science, computers, sports and many other areas. As it happened, on the same night, when I read the article, we were invited to a fundraising event. Among many adults, there was a little boy, around the age of 10. I noticed him because he was small and skinny, with big ears that stuck out, which reminded me of myself at his age. After the speaker finished his overview of today’s political climate, there was a Q and A, and the boy asked a very interesting unexpected question for someone his age. And then after it was over I overheard his conversation where he was analyzing the results of the recent election, utilizing statistics and information, which presumably would be known to only a very informed adult. I asked him how he knows all of this “stuff”. “I like it”, he simply answered. I have no doubt that this boy has potential talent and I was talking to one of our future leaders.

What is your talent? How does it help other people? Perhaps your talent is to share my “42 Encounters in San Francisco” book with your friends and family. Please go to and read the reviews and buy the book. Enjoy and Share on Twitter, and other Social Media platforms.

P.S. There is no restriction in photographing children on the streets. Nevertheless, some parents are concerned and are naturally very protective. As a result, the four images I’m sharing with you, I photographed ten years ago, and they are not small children any more.

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