Fridays with Manny


Point of View

Since my wife Elfa and I started our company Pacific Bay Financial over 35 years ago, we have mostly agreed on every decision. Nevertheless, Elfa sometimes challenges my points of view, especially when I change my mind within a short period of time. 

My response to this is simple. A decision about anything is only the direction of the thought. After gathering more information the direction may change with a change of one’s point of view. Let me use the taking of photo images as an example. I can stand in one spot and take 360 different images; and just by turning my body slightly and seeing (and capturing) different angles, in addition to many outside factors, like the time of day and availability and quality of light, the images can look quite different. 

I hope that the three images I took in The Sea Ranch from different points of view, demonstrate my point.

Enjoy and Share!